Recent works made in San Francisco by

Shanae Mairs


The homepage

In mid-2016 CNET launched a redesign of their mobile site. We were able to increase the scan-ability of content with a visual punch that embraced photography while breaking away from the classic red and white brand treatment. This design was very well received with much of the enthusiasm directed toward the contemporary feel.



The best

CNET may be most known for it's reviews of new technology and consumer goods. These reviews culminate in collections that present the best of the best. This design succinctly highlights each product so the user can browse, compare and ultimately make a well-informed decision with help from the industry's most trusted source.

CNET Bests


The Gallery

Roadshow is quickly coming up in the ranks as a go to for auto enthusiasts. One of the most important tools in creating excitement around new and vintage cars is the photo gallery. In this design photos definitely come first. But what is also important is the flow of all of the elements to keep the user scrolling and engaging. Fun fact, I also designed the Roadshow logo.

Roadshow Gallery

I am currently a product designer at cbs interactive

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